A Fascinating Story About A Glimpse Into Heaven

by quoteman on August 6, 2013

Today, I came across a fascinating story about what seems to be a “shared death experience” – where people very close to a dying person actually participate in some ways in the passing on of their loved one. I’ve come across a number of stories like this, especially in the recent book by Dr. Raymond Moody (a renowned investigator into Near Death Experiences, and a medical doctor), called “Glimpses of Eternity” – a fascinating read in itself.

Today’s story is about a small group of critically ill teens, who lost a member of their tight-knit group to Cystic Fibrosis, from which everyone in the group suffers. In a short, compelling story illustrating the tight bonds between these friends, we encounter a simple and self-evident incidence of something of a shared death experience, although none of those personally involved realized what had happened, until a third party noticed a telling piece of evidence they all shared. Read the whole, compelling story in the article. It’s a short, fascinating read.

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