Heroes Among the Tragedy

by quoteman on July 30, 2012

As you probably know, I don’t write articles, per se, on this blog – the blog posts are just inspirational quotes I’ve found in various places that I want to share. However, I do occasionally come across an article in the newspaper or a magazine that I find particularly inspiring – so I decided I’ll mention a few of those on this blog.

Leonard Pitts, Jr., whose editorials I often find insightful and compelling, has recently written about the heroes in the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shootings. Among the many stories about this tragedy, that I mostly cannot bring myself to read, I’ve noticed a few mentions of the fact that more than one young man had died in the shooting while shielding his girlfriend, who as a result, survived.

All too often, news stories highlight the terrible ways people treat each other, to the point where one might wonder whether the whole word has gone mad. This hero story, within the larger tragic story, paints a different picture. Out of the victims of the shooting, three of the twelve who lost their lives did so while protecting others – intentionally putting themselves in harm’s way, risking severe injury or death. A fourth hero refused to leave behind a seriously injured victim, almost certainly saving the victim’s life, while risking the hero’s own.

I find this hero story within the tragedy very inspiring, while incredibly sad. The story demonstrates that there are heroes among us, everyday people who risk their own lives in order to save others. We read about them from time to time, and I find this particular story especially inspiring.

Please take a moment to read Mr. Pitts’s editorial – he makes this point much more compellingly than I can hope to.

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