Inspirational Story about a Terminal Cancer Victim Helping Others

by quoteman on July 13, 2012

While surfing a few news sites the other night, I stumbled across this very inspirational story about a terminal cancer victim making the unlikely decision to devote the time he had left to helping others.  That seemed so extraordinary of a direction to take – giving away one’s time, after having been told your time is much more limited than you had imagined.

The story is Richard Dickens’s story.  Before being diagnosed with cancer, he had planned to attend graduate school to study social work.  Obviously, the news that he had terminal cancer was shattering.  But, as a person of strong faith, he chose to take the view that no one is guaranteed a long life, and that he would make the most of his time remaining.  As he said, instead of asking “Why me?”, he asked, “Why not me?”

He had read a quote in a magazine that said “I asked God, how much time before I die?’  She replied, ‘Enough to make a difference.’”

Richard realized that “we can make a difference in a minute, a day or a lifetime.”  And with that, he decided to make the most of the time he had left, in making a difference.  He left his job and attended graduate school to study social work.  Realizing that he needed to “get comfortable with death”, he traveled to India, to volunteer at Mother Teresa’s first clinic.

Richard has since gone on to become an oncology social worker, working for CancerCare, where he works today.  He is now considered cured of cancer.

You can read the full article by Richard at

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